Friday, March 17, 2006

What's The Prime Minister got to hide? EVERYTHING!

Is this Supposed to be a Gag?

Harpo; "Not till I say it is."

The Harpoville Post reports that Prime Minister Harpo has passed word on to his cabinit ministers to do what he does and say nothing. The Prime Ministers office has degreed, to all members of the Conservative government, that 'silence is golden' unless cleared by Prime Minister Harpo.

This is a gag, right?

The Harpoville Post has just learned that it's no joke that Prime Minister (Steven Harper) Harpo has sentenced his cabinet ministers, our paid members of Parliment, to silence or start looking for a new job. It seems the Harpo Government is complying and cowering to Harpo's decree and have refused any press interviews since Feb.6th. when they were sworn in.

The Harpoville Post has learned that Harpo has had the press microphones removed from the house of Parliment. Microphones that for dacades have been used for press comments after government meetings by members of cabinet. No more will those microphones squeal with feedback and speak the truth now Harpo's Government is in power.

What has Harpo to hide?

The Harpoville Post suspects Harpo's gag-order reflects his desire to remove himself from past blabber-mouthed Governments, who were prone to spouting off and speaking their minds right after cabinet meeting which, more often than not, spoke the truth.
Prime Minister Harpo's desire now is to mirror the secret governments of Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and George Bush.

The Harpoville Post tried to speak to Sandra Bunker, Prime Minister Harpo's new non-comment advisor, but she, for the first time, had nothing to say.

The Harpoville Post wonders if Harpo is doing the right thing by shielding Canadians from questionable comments by his inexperenced cabinet members. Is this the Government we want? A Government that will soon take hold of the countries purse strings and run silently off in all directions in a 'silence is golden', 'ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies' and 'talk only when you're spoken to' style of government.

Is this the Government we pay for?

The Harpoville Post speaks out while the Canadian 'big boy' press lie like dogs whimpering in near silence. It refuses to sit by and watch this Prime Minister slowly slip a gag order over the necks of his cabinet (our Government), the press and eventually all Canadians.

Harpo's desire for silence will not be golden.


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