Sunday, March 19, 2006

Do The Lies Makes Us Laugh,

Or do we laugh at the lies we read?

The Harpoville Post
Sunday Editorial Report

A recent artical on satire perked our interest on what makes a better beholder of the news. I call the reporter or source from which we hear or read the news the beholder, because whether or not the information is accurate is really up to the beholder, but, whether we believe it or not is really up to us.
The article asked whether the old style of six or eleven o'clock, TV or raido style news, reported by a baritone announcer is going the way of the Dodo(extinct).

The Harpoville Post deals in real stories written in a satirical style to, hopefully, engage the reader to the news in the world they live in. The facts in the stories are never changed but at times slightly distorted to underline the extreme ridiculousness of most of the news stories that are out there.

We at the Harpoville Post know that some people get it while some do not but, if this itself engages the people who don't to go out and do their own beholding of the news that will be a good thing. There are no right or wrong news stories or ways of reporting them, either they are successful or unseccessful at fulfilling their desired duty.

We ask but one question here at The Harpoville Post; When the day arrives in which the old style of news reporting dies, will it have the balls to report its own demise?


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