Monday, March 20, 2006

Paul Martin Slips Out The Back, Jack

Time to make a new plan Stan

The Harpoville Post reports that ex-Prime Minister Paul Martin will be hoisting his main sail and be slipping out the back door of politics for the last time as he steps down as leader of the Liberal party. Paul, who has been deathly silent since being white washed from the face of leadership has been equally as silent when it comes to laying bets on who may take his place.

The Harpoville Post spoke to Mr. Martin who said, "Who gives a shit, the Canadian people won't have Paul Martin to kick around anymore." As he waved a piece sign and boarded Copter#1, the only Canadian helicopter still in service since Paul Martin and the Liberals slashed the helicopter buying buget of the 1990's.

The Harpoville Post reports that the punters are poised at the gates and ready to drop their hats and hard earned fund-raising dollars into the ring hoping for a chance to pull the Liberals back into the political race. And a real winner the Liberals will need after the defeated Paul Martin, whose dictatorship like running of the party, ran it right into the ground. "When Paul took over the leadership he purged the party of whoever said no to him or anyone else in their life." Said one Liberal member who wished to stay anomyms, but added. "I understand they're more humane at a slaughter house."

The Harpoville Post askes; but, who will step up to the plate and seize the day? Most likely a lot of people you've never heard of. So far the only contender with the balls is a woman, but, no ordinary woman, she's a lawyer from Toronto. So, she just may have the go-nads needed to get this party started.

Martha Findlay, no relation to Timothy (as if), has decided to put lawyering on hold for a while and run for Prime Minister of Canada. When The Harpoville Post asked Ms. Findlay what political experence she brought to the race, she said, "None, I just thought it would be fun."

The Harpoville Post has learned of other near hopefuls waiting in the wings but, with Paul Martin still hanging around and in arms reach of something to throw they've decided to wait with hats poised a little bit longer.


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