Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vancouver Female Firefighters up in Flames

"They'll be no putting these babies out"

The Harpoville Post reports that Vancouver's female firefighters are fighting fire with fire against male firefighters sexual harassment.

The Harpoville Post spoke to one prostester who said, "If I hear one more, 'hey girls, who wants to handle my hose' joke, I'll strangle somebody." The same sentiment was heard from about a dozen female firefighters who have walked off the job in protest in this city by the sea. "They're fucking pigs," she went on to say, "If it's not 'hey, while your down there' or, 'nobody has to show this gal how to work the pole'. I personally have had enough."

The Harpoville Post reports this protest comes just as a U.S. survey reveals that most people believe that firefighting is one of the sexiest jobs to have. "Sexiest, Ha, that makes me laugh, try sexist." she then added, "These guy's are great to have around when your house is on fire but trust me, they're more interested in putting out the fire in your girlfriend pants."

We at The Harpoville Post would just like to take a moment to reiterate how proud we are of our Harpoville fire fighting forces, and if there ever is a fire in our Harpoville area we hope they, male or female, come to our place first.


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