Monday, March 23, 2009

Greg Guteld Sucks, It Up

Harpoville Post Extra

Extreme Neo- conservative Fox Channel broadcaster Greg Guteld sucked it up today and apologized for slamming his fellow 'conservatives' on his late night/early morning rant and rave TV show.

The show, called Red Eye, which is odd considering that 40-years ago he'd never be allowed to call his show that because "red' used to refer to Communism, now it's a short form for the new far right, neo-conservative front emerging from North America. Yes, the same one GW Bush and Stephen Harper belong to.
It seems Greg, who's more often found in the wee small hours in any major metropolis airport restroom giving the conservative 'low-five' to the fellow in the next stall, decided to hoist his rant & rave banner and direct his comments at Stephen Harper's Afghanistan mission now called HARPER'S MISTAKE.
This news broke just as 4-fallen Canadian soldiers, the largest number to date, skim along the highway #401 blacktop now know as the Highway of Heroes.
Although Peter McKay was 5-days short of 'quick' to demand an apology from his neo-conservative brother one must sit back and wonder is this is real or is this fake. You see in 'neo-conservative' think one must first plant a seed. And one neo-conservative will gladly apologies to another if it helps plant that seed.

Example #1; In America neo-conservative said Bin Laden is a terrorist. Although the CIA/USA gave Bin Lauden Millions of dollars to be a terrorist. So, now we have the proof he's is a terrorist.
Example #2; America say's Canada will pull out of Afghanistan to 'run in the sand and do yoga'. Soon Peter Mckay and Harper will stand up in the house of Commons and say no we will stand and fight.

I say; maybe it's time we widen that highway of heroes.

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